Tree of life Jewelry

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The tree of life jewelry

The fine tree of  life jewelry has many meanings and some of the best known you can read more about here.
Some people use the tree crown as a family tree to symbolize the family, others say that the tree crown symbolizes the exterior and self-confidence which others can see and that the roots symbolize feelings and self-esteem - which we have within.
Others see the tree as protection for the animals and plants in the form of shelter and a place where birds, squirrels and other animals can reside. The Tree of Life is the perfect gift to give to someone you love, no matter what meaning you choose it should have.

Life's tree jewelry

Especially in the graduation and student times, it is in demand. In fact, I've recently been told that the life tree comes from the placenta.

When you give birth to the placenta and look at it, you can almost see the life in all the blood vessels, which actually forms the tree crown on the tree. I think it was a bit disgusting to look at the placenta after giving birth, I also think that I was thinking about everything else, plus that it hurt very much over all my body.

However, I must admit that the thought is beautiful, and without a placenta life would not exist at all!

There are tree of life jewelry from many different brands, and the look can vary. For example, Christina Watches has chosen to insert a laboratory-created diamond into the root of the tree which produces 80 percent less CO2 than a mine excavated.
Joanli Nor has inserted a lot of zirconia along the entire round edge framing the tree, Nordahl keeps the style more simple as well as Aagaard.

Jewelry with the Tree of Life

Necklaces, bracelets and earrings?
If you don´t know whether it should be the tree of life necklace, bracelet or earrings, then it is fortunate that most brands make all three. This means that you have the opportunity to give a complete set to yourself or to a friend, sister, mother or other.
If you want to personalize the jewelery you can engrave in a tree of life from aagaard where you can write a short greeting, initials or other.