Wedding rings

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Wedding rings!

Whether you have chosen a church wedding or are to be wed at the town hall, one thing that is particularly important
- in addition to your YES - and it is the symbol of your love, your rings!

Get started early in the hunt for the right rings. Since there are some to sit on your fingers, hopefully, for the rest of your life, it is important that you get the right one - some that fit just you and your desires.
Here I would like to highlight a really nice set from Per Borup.
Per Borup is an exclusive brand that does not compromise on quality.
Many considerations for your upcoming rings ..

Only the fantasy limits your wishes.

But first and foremost, consideration should be given to material selection, budget, stone, surfaces, engraving etc. of your rings.
What material should we choose?
Many associate the rings for the big day, with rings in gold.
Both 8 kt. and 14 kt. Gold is strong, durable and extremely useful for rings. The possibilities are great in terms of surfaces, stones, width and height, etc. See, e.g. the selection from Gold & Silver Design.

Wedding rings in white gold?

It offers almost the same possibilities as in general gold.
However, white gold has a rhodination which gives it a nice, white and shiny color. Many white gold rings are also adorned with beautiful white diamonds, which only makes the rings even more exclusive.

Titanium wedding rings

Titanium is a very hard and durable material, in a slightly darker color. It might be an ideal choice for the man who works physically hard with his hands in daily life?
Or maybe to him that does not like the "bling-bling", but the more quiet and calm. There are many beautiful titanium ladie rings made - both for you who want it simple, but also to those who love diamonds and glitter.

The prices are low and almost everyone can participate, depending on how many stones you want. So all in all, there are many good benefits of choosing wedding rings titanium, Zeezen has made some crazy good looks!

Wedding silver ring

Maybe you are mostly into silver?
or want to keep the price down on the rings a bit. More and more rings has come in 925 sterling silver, with different patterns, surface, stone - both diamonds and similar ones. Scrouples have made many beautiful rings in silver with details in 14 kt. gold

Old gold - inherited gold?

Do you have some old gold, inheritance from the family that matters to you, maybe some stones too, so bring it. Unfortunately, inheritance jewelry mostly ends up in the drawer, but if you have the materials yourself, you only pay for the working salary. We use the gold for your personal rings, and it means, not only financially, that it is made from the families old gold.

We melt it, and makes your jewelry from the start, and integrate the stones. Almost nothing is impossible.

At Pearl's workshop we make beautiful, handmade and not least unique wedding rings, with lots of love, and of course according to your wishes.
We make your dreams come true.
Of course, our workshop also makes custom-designed rings of "new" gold. So even if you don't have any old jewelry lying around wanting to integrate into your love rings, then shame is still possible. Do not hesitate to look into a non-committal talk if you come up with some very specific ideas about,
what your future rings should look like.

Wedding rings which hand?

Today, things are done in many ways, and the most important thing is that you do it in the way that feels right to you!
In the old days it was said that the wedding ring should sit on the right hand, as it is the hand you use to make the promise of faith. From the heart to the left ring finger the love vean runs, and therefore it is most often seen that the engagement ring is put on this finger.

Do you both need a ring?

Some people today choose that only the woman has an engagement ring.
I hope you find the right rings to suit you and your wishes.
And don't forget the other beauties for the big day, or the morning gift