Jewellery Care

Jewellery made of precious metals, real pearls and gems, need taking care of to retain their shine and gloss. This includes among others things:

  • Taking off your jewellery before bathing.
  • Avoid getting soap, perfume and other cosmetics on your jewellery.
  • Never use chemicals on the jewellery.
  • Remember to always put on your jewellery as the last thing when getting ready for the day - Apply perfume, cosmetics and creams first, then finally the jewellery.
  • Store the jewellery in a jewellery box or in a velor bag/airtight bag when you are not using the jewellery.
  • Freshwater-/cultured pearls are from living organisms, making them look better when worn close to the skin.

Polishing of jewellery:

  • Gold/Gold plated: Polish with a piece of cloth intended for gold.
  • Silver/Silver plated: Polish with a piece of cloth intended for silver.
  • Pearls: Clean in lukewarm water and a small amount of mild sulfo. Delicately dry with a soft piece of cloth while carefully avoiding not to scratch the pearl.
  • Gems: Polish with a soft piece of cloth, fx. a polishing cloth for glasses/sunglasses.